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Raziel is also known as: Ratziel
Raziel’s name means: “The secrets of God”

“Dear Archangel Raziel, thank you for guiding my spiritual understanding to
a place of knowingness and wisdom.”

Raziel is the archangel of Secrets and the mysteries of life. His name means “Secret of God” and he is guardian over mystical knowledge. He often appears in shadow, as a misty fog and may be called upon for psychic learning, dream interpretation, the cause or root of an illness, spiritual understanding and using natural resources wisely. Raziel’s planet is Neptune, his day of the week is Saturday and his element is Air. Raziel is patron of astrologers, scientists, clairvoyants, and even Secret Service workers. 

Legend holds that the archangel Raziel sits so close to the throne of God that he
hears and writes down everything God says. Raziel compiled this knowledge into a book called Sefer Raziel HaMalach, or the “Book of Raziel the Angel.” This work is said to contain all universal wisdom, and Raziel gave a copy to Adam, the first man. Legend also holds that it helped Noah gain the wisdom to build his ark. The book was passed down through the generations until it reached King Solomon. A modern pseudoversion of the work with the same title is presently
available in bookstores. Raziel (as Ratziel) is the archangel of the Chokmah, second Sephirah (aspect of
God) of the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life. There Raziel presides over the action of
turning knowledge into practical wisdom. Raziel helps us humans ply our knowledge until it becomes spiritualized and second nature to us. In the Chokmah sphere, we learn how to stay focused and avoid tempting distractions. This requires attuning to our higher self, which is the connection to Divine wisdom.

Raziel’s persona is similar to a wise old wizard. Think Merlin with huge eagle wings and you’ll get a sense of Raziel’s energy. This magical archangel is happy to impart esoteric wisdom, especially with a healing intention. His halo is rainbow hued, like sunlight reflecting through a clear quartz prism.

The Wisdom of Other Lifetimes

“Thank you, Archangel Raziel, for helping me heal away any fears from previous lifetimes so that I may focus clearly upon my present-day Divine life mission.”

As the record keeper of ancient wisdom and secrets, Archangel Raziel sees each
person’s book of life or Akashic records, which includes soul contracts and past
lifetimes. You don’t need to believe in reincarnation, though, to benefit from
experiencing Raziel’s past-life healing work. Raziel helps you recall all of the lessons that your soul has accumulated over time and condense these into usable energy for your present life’s mission. Raziel also assists in healing from painful memories and past traumas, especially if they create fears of moving forward with your life mission. Additionally, Raziel can
help you dissolve any troublesome vows you may have made in previous
lifetimes, such as those of poverty, self-sacrifice, or chastity. If you don’t want the effects of those vows in your present life, call upon Raziel to undo them by saying:

“Dear Archangel Raziel, I am willing to sever all vows of poverty, self-
sacrifice, and chastity; and I ask that you help undo all effects of these vows
in all directions of time for everyone concerned.”

This prayer will normally undo any recurring negative patterns surrounding money and romance, and will usually result in increased self-esteem and feelings of self-worth.
Past-life work has been shown in studies to reduce or eliminate addictions and phobias, to increase feelings of happiness, and to help with relationships.

The Secrets of the Universe

“Dear Archangel Raziel, I ask that you teach me about God, universal wisdom, and the secrets of the universe, especially as they apply to living a more peaceful life.”

As the archangel of secrets, esoteric information, and wisdom, Raziel is a
natural teacher. Therefore, you can ask him any question, just as you would a

Message from Raziel:

You are headed on your path. There is no direction. No right way or wrong
way. You are just here, on your path. This is where you need to be. There is
nothing else you need to know or remember. Except to just “be” on your path. All will unfold according to Divine plan and timing. You need not concern
yourself with this right now. Right now you are at peace. Right now you know
everything there is to know. Right now is life. Right now is important. This is the dearest and greatest gift of life. To live in the present. To be in the
present. The present is where all the opportunities and gateways to life and love open up. Feel this feeling in your heart. This strong, knowing, loving feeling. This feeling that keeps you here now. It is helping you do work on this planet.

Archangel Raziel awakens our knowledge of our past and the esoteric wisdom of the universe.

Stones for Archangel Raziel

His crystals are Peridot, Apache Tears, and Aqua Aura Crystals.