Animal Totem – Loon

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This animal totem is Loon – Creativity/Imagination, Awakening, Dreams
Loon is about awakening the mind and spirit; this can show you how to make your desires manifest from your dreams and ideas.  Your dreams are the way you begin the process of imaginatively manifesting new directions in your life.  Dreams are the raw material being gifted to you from the depths of your soul.  
Awakening starts with controlling your breathing.  Loon will show you how to slow your breathing down to a slow rhythm, by doing so you will be able to access the astral plane, dreams, and other levels of consciousness.  It also makes it possible for your guides, angels, and spirit helpers to access and inform you while in dreamtime.  Your dreams will often help guide you into your future.
Dreams are the way you begin to process of creatively and imaginatively manifesting new directions in your life.  They will help in understanding your place and purpose.  Trusting in them and the input you receive will lead you into more readily trusting yourself.  Your dreams are the Divine’s dreams.  They are Spirit’s way of helping you see yourself through your angel eyes.  Loon’s medicine is about increasing your awareness by diving within, accessing other dimensions of your Universal self, other realities and gleaning the wisdom from events that you wouldn’t otherwise experience in your waking life dream.  Loon reminds you that all hopes, dreams and wishes can become realities. 
Crystals to help remind you of Loon’s medicine are:
Pink Botswana Agate    
Rutilated Quartz    
Elestial Quartz