Animal Totem – Manatee

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This animal totem is Manatee – Gentleness, Clarity, Trust

Manatee is a gentle, loving and trusting animal. His trust allows him to approach you and he is asking that you allow yourself to trust in the path before you and to trust that your senses are guiding you. He is also saying that you need to open your heart and trust in people. Have you allowed your hurt to close you off from being social? Have you lost trust in your instincts to guide you to the right people? Do you trust in the warning signs that your instincts are giving you? Are you allowing yourself to be vulnerable? When you are vulnerable you are opening yourself up to truly feeling life’s experiences. In truly experiencing life you will be able to see things clearly and learn the lessons necessary to move forward.

Manatee, in his slow movements, is telling you that you need not be in a rush to reach your goals. Accept that some goals are long-term and the only way to reach them is to take a slow and steady pace and have the courage to stay with your convictions.

Manatee, of course, is also associated with the Water element and therefore represents emotion and intuition. He is asking that your emotions flow so that you can truly feel what is there. Only by allowing yourself to feel your emotions will you gain clarity so that you can release the emotional baggage that is holding you back. By releasing that which no longer serves you, you are opening yourself up to a world of new possibilities.

Crystals to remind you of Manatee’s medicine are:




Green Tourmaline


Seeing Clearly


Rainforest Rhyolite




Pink Tourmaline

Rose Quartz