Animal Totem – Ox

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This animal totem is Ox –Strength/Endurance, Dependability/Even Temper, Intelligence

This totem will be different from all the other totems as much of the information is about Chinese and Celtic symbolism, superstitions, magical properties, and team mascots which is different than attributes that serve as lessons to us in order for us to grow.  This totem also includes traits of the Bull for an Ox is a neutered bull. I have selected the qualities that I believe set it apart from the symbolism, superstitions, bull traits, etc. 
Ox’s drafting capabilities were once preferred over the horse and mule when speed was not required.  Ox’s sure-footed nature meant he could travel much further in a day while pulling very heavy loads. He has a methodical approach to what he does and was therefore less likely to injure himself.  Ox was also preferred for farming tasks as he possessed the ability to learn new things and could take on projects that took other animals too long to accomplish. His gentle disposition made him very suitable for being a team-mate.
When Ox appears in your life he is showing you that a slow, methodical and steady pace will get you to your destination.  He is also teaching you that you cannot make your journey alone, that there will be times that you need to work compatibly with others and rely on them to help you to a specific destination.  Ox asks you if you are pulling your own weight?  Do you take on heavy loads and finish them without complaint?  Do you help others?  Are you willing to learn new ways of doing something?  Ox is also reminding you that you have the strength and endurance to carry you through the trials of life.  Stay sure-footed, grounded and even tempered and allow yourself the time to just go with life’s flow.

Crystals that can help you remember the message of Ox are:

Mahogany Obsidian    
Fire Agate   

Dependable/Even Tempered:
Dalmatian Jasper   
Red Jasper    

Green Aventurine