Animal Totems – Kingfisher

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This animal totem is Kingfisher – Intuition/Grounding, New Paths, Balance

Kingfisher appears to advise you of increased mental and spiritual activity. Since your psychic perceptions are increasing it is important that you connect with the earth to remain grounded. He will teach you that by listening to your intuition you will be able to manifest your destiny. He has excellent vision and burrows deep within the bank to build his nest. Trust rust your feelings, go deeper than what is on the surface – much deeper into the subconscious and unconscious minds, connect to past lives, carefully watch what is going on around you, and listen to your dreams and visions. By doing so you will be able to create forward movementum, let go and forgive the past, and move on to a new future.

Kingfisher is bold in his actions. He will dive headlong into the water and strike with determination to catch his prey. By doing so he is showing you how to take the plunge into the unknown with confidence and without fear. He reminds you that with this confidence you need to be mindful of your ego, careful with your words, watchful of misuse, and keep balanced. Can you allow yourself to dive into the unknown without fear? If you can, you will find peace of life.

Crystals to help remind you of Kingfisher’s lessons are:

Snowflake Obsidian
Rainbow Moonstone
Smokey Quartz

New Paths
Mookaite Jasper
Rutilated Quartz

Nephrite Jade
Narmada River Shiva Lingam