Animal Totems – Otter

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This Animal Totem is Otter – Woman Medicine

Keywords: Playfulness/Adventurous, Non-Judgment, Creativity, Unconditional Love, Sharing without Attachments, Receptiveness

Woman medicine consists of the elements of Earth and Water.  It is contained in and necessary for both sexes.  Otter is about striving to obtain and honor the feminine energy so the unity of spirit can be achieved. In order to achieve this, one needs to let go of the jealousy and anger that stems from fear, keep ego in check; honor the right of others to be as they are supposed to be; let things go so they don’t become a burden or hold you back and become playful and just allow life to unfold and take care of yourself. In honoring the balanced female/receptive side you will find the power of the woman.

Do you love without jealousy? Do you love another’s child’s accomplishments as you would your own? Do you share the beauty of your life with others? Do you feel the joyousness of your receptive side? Do you flow with the waters or against them? Are you focused? Are you closed off or non-receptive? Do you experience fear of rejection? Are you too serious? Can you experience the flow of Divine Love to you, then to others and back to you? Are you taking time to just play for the sake of playing?

Crystals that can help you remember the message of Otter are:
Feminine Energy:
Shiva Lingam: 
Botswana Agate:  
Unconditional Love/Non-Judgment:
Rose Quartz:
Ruby in Zoisite: