Animal Totems – Porcupine

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This animal totem is Porcupine – Innocence, Trust, Be Yourself

The Porcupine’s position on the Medicine Wheel is the South.  The South position is the place of childlike innocence, playfulness and humility.  Porcupine’s medicine lies in the power of faith and trust.  Faith’s power comes from knowing within that you have the ability to move mountains. Trust involves believing, despite appearances, that the Universe/Spirit has a divine plan.  Trust can open doorways which allow others to open their hearts to you and share their gifts of love, joy and companionship.  Porcupine is asking you to let go of guilt and shame, remember the things that gave you joy as a child, let imagination back into your life, don’t get caught up in your fears and don’t take yourself too seriously.  You are protected, so it is time to be yourself and trust that it is safe to be yourself.
Do you allow other’s opinions to stop you from exploring paths of playfulness?  Do you have playtime included in your daily activities?  Are you overly sensitive to the “needling” from others?  Do you let your “needling” take the joy away from others?  Do you allow the needles from the past to still aggravate you?  Are you overly critical of others?  Although it is great to protect yourself, are you willing to approach others with openness?  Can you put your self-defense mechanism on hold?  Can you honor the playfulness of Spirit who lets everyone win?  Can you trust yourself?  Can you place faith in your ability to overcome any obstacle in your path by using joy?
Crystals that can help you remember Porcupine’s medicine are:

Innocence/Childlike Joy:
Green Calcite
Blue Topaz
Be Yourself: