Animal Totems – Rabbit

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This Animal Totem is the Rabbit – Caller of Fear, Positive Attitude, Grounding

Rabbit has other meanings associated with him such as good luck, abundance and spontaneity. However, none of these can happen if fears are not released. Long story short, the legend of the Rabbit tells how Rabbit and a Witch became friends. The witch used magic to feed, water and heal the rabbit, but soon the rabbit disappeared. When the witch came across the rabbit some time later, the rabbit wanted nothing to do with the witch. When asked why, the rabbit said, “Because I am afraid of you and your powers.” He then told the witch to leave. The witch placed a curse on the rabbit by telling it that, “From now on you will call upon your fears and they will come.”

Rabbit’s medicine is to call upon your greatest fear to appear so that it can teach you the lesson that you need to learn. Rabbit is a great example of the Law of Attraction. He teaches you to stop dwelling or talking about your fears or the bad things that can happen and to eliminate the words “what if” from your vocabulary. Worrying about the future and all the “what ifs” are your attempt to control something that has not yet taken form and needs to stop.

Rabbit is telling you to be willing to feel the fear, breathe with it and allow it to run through your body, down to your feet and into Mother Earth. If you feel paralyzed, Rabbit may be telling you to wait until you are in sync with the right cycle of the Universe and then move. Your influence can only be felt when you are ready to release any and all negative feelings, thoughts or self-imposed barriers and rearrange your way of seeing the present situation. It is the way you handle problems that will allow you to succeed or fail. Rabbit is telling you to take care of yourself, find a safe place and release your fears so you can move forward at the right time.

Crystals that will help you remember Rabbit’s medicine are:
Caller of Fear/Releasing Fear:
Black Tourmaline    
Positive Attitude:
Tangerine Quartz    
Moss Agate     
Smokey Quartz    
Red Jasper    
Copal Amber