Animal Totems – Raccoon

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This animal totem is the Raccoon -Masks/Transformation, Dexterity/Curiosity, Generosity/Altruism

The most notable feature of Raccoon is its mask.  Masks are invested with mystery.  They are a tool of transformation, helping you to change what you are into who you want to be.  How you behave around your boss, parents, children, spouse, friends, and strangers are all masks that you wear.  You wear them for a variety of purposes and concealed behind the masks you can become whoever you want to be.  These masks also help to give you the confidence that you need to make your transformation and finally unmask to show your true self.  How do you use your masks?  Are they helping or hindering you?  Are you hiding your true self?  Can you see the masks that others are wearing?
Raccoon is a very adaptable, clever, curious, fearless, resourceful and determined animal and he uses his dexterous paws and sensitive fingers to satisfy his curiosity.  He is very adventurous, getting into all kinds of things and exploring the world around him.  Through his determination he is able to learn new things and apply them to new situations.  He teaches you to find what you are looking for.  Raccoon is showing you how to become more relaxed in your life and to open up to the joy and enrichment that curiosity and exploration of life can bring.  Let your inner child out.  Learn how things around you work and apply them to new situations.  The knowledge gained from this can nourish your soul.
Raccoon is always looking out for his family and tribe.  He teaches us the universal law of giving back to the source of your strength.  When he goes on raiding parties he always give the best of his finds to his lookout.  He helps the less fortunate and teaches them to become more resourceful, but he does not take care of those who simply want to take advantage of his generosity.  He has the uncanny ability to assist others without allowing them to become dependents.  Are you helping others and teaching them to become more resourceful?  Are you doing so at the cost of your health?  Support people in your life that deserve it, bring their strength back up and do it out of pure joy and love and without concern for yourself.  When you do this you create a flow of abundance in your life as long as you remain in balance.
Crystals to help remind you of Raccoon’s medicine are:
Black Obsidian    
Blue Topaz    
Pink Botswana Agate  
Tangerine Aura Quartz    
Green Diopside   
Black Tourmaline    
Snow Quartz