Animal Totems – Ram

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This Animal Totem is Ram, whose medicine is New Beginnings, Fearlessness/Confidence, Preparedness
Ram is fearless and ready for a challenge.  He readily takes on his opponent with conquest in mind.  He is determined in his desires, knowing what he wants and taking action to achieve it.  Ram is teaching you to assert yourself especially in new areas and to do so without hesitation.
Ram’s fearlessness comes from his natural abilities and through practice.  He has practiced jumping from rock to rock as he climbs his mountain, he has become proficient in eluding predators and he has practiced for his battle to become the top Ram.  He has practiced all of this until it has become second nature.  Ram is teaching you that you need to practice and rehearse what you need to, to not let the stumbles stop you, know when to make your moves, know where to make your moves until it becomes your second nature.   
Once prepared, your personal power will open up.  You will have new confidence.  Your challenges have strengthened your skills and sharpened your mind.  Ram only needs a two inch space to get a foothold.  The Universe knows when you are prepared and will send you new adventures and beginnings.  Ram it telling you that it is time to take that defining leap and to do so without hesitation.  Openings for new beginnings can be small but when you take that leap they can be secured.  Trust in your ability to land on your feet.

Crystals to help remind you of Ram’s medicine are:
New Beginnings:
Moss Agate    
Mookaite Jasper    
Fire Agate    
Golden Beryl    
Red Jasper    
Tiger Iron    
Red Tiger Eye