Animal Totems – Rat

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This animal totem is Rat –Resourcefulness, Strength, Intelligence

Rat medicine is a little complex but I will try to simplify it for the purpose of this post.  Rats have a tendency to hoard the things they collect, hence the term Pack Rat.  Hoarding behaviors in humans stem from a fear that they don’t have enough.  It is a way of feeling secure in an unsecure world.  This can lead to the acquisition of large quantities of things and a tendency to aggressively maintain what has been acquired.  Fortunately rats can adapt well to changes in their environment.  They hold the teaching of resourcefulness.  Rat is asking you to evaluate the clutter around you. It is time to purge all your old baggage (possessions, feelings, anger, hate, etc) that you have been holding on to that is no longer serving you.  In essence, take out your trash.  This act of cleansing will make space for new and better things to come in your life.  Take up new hobbies; learn something new, this is a time of new beginnings for you so embrace it.

Rats have a strength, stubbornness and diligence about them.  They are always working as if there is a project to be done.  They are relentless.  Some of their projects may seem like just tinkering, but tinkering can lead to some major breakthroughs.  Are you using your inner strength and stubbornness to tackle the projects on your list that will move you forward in your life?  Do you give yourself enough time for your tinkering?  Do you have the proper motivations around you to feed your strength?

Rats have intelligence.  They live in packs with teamwork.  They have an intuitive understanding of what is going on within the pack.  They know what to do in crowds, they know how to avoid crowds, they have an understanding of primal laws, they have elaborate safe houses and secret routes to each one.  They know their surroundings.  They have escape plans.  They have a sense of foresight which is why you will see them scurrying to leave a ship before it shows signs of sinking.  Are you in tune to your environment? To you listen to your intelligence and follow its directions?  Rat is asking you to tune into your inner intelligence so that you can navigate your world.

Crystals to help you remember Rat’s medicine are:

Mookaite Jasper
Honey Calcite
Mahogany Obsidian

Strength (Physical/Emotional):
Pink Tourmaline
Tangerine Quartz
Petrified Wood

Apache Tears