Animal Totems – Salamander

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This animal totem is Salamander –Adaptability, Balance, Renewal

Salamander is both of the water and of the air.  In the early stages of life he is strictly aquatic then undergoes a metamorphous where it loses its gills and becomes an air breather.  He is telling you that change is inevitable, you cannot fight it.  He is asking you to perceive the changes going on around you and adapt to them to the best of your ability instead of fighting against them.  Instead, embrace change joyfully throughout your life regardless of how many changes come your way.  He is asking you to evolve in your own life.

Mythologically, Salamander is associated with the Fire element which also represents Spiritual evolution.  The Earth Element is of grounding.  The Water element represents the psyche and his nocturnal nature represents the shadows, secrets, dreams, intuition and psychic abilities.  With such a list of attributes, Salamander’s lesson for us is to demonstrate balance in our lives.  Go inside yourself to discover the areas that you need to face then go outside your comfort zone to work with those elements that you rarely work with or avoid.

Salamanders can re-grow severed tails and limbs.  This is symbolic of renewal, regeneration, rebirth and growth.  He is telling you that although you may suffer a loss or perceive a loss in your life, there is never really a loss.  He is asking you to call upon your deepest internal resources to produce the development you require in your life and to seek out renewal whenever possible.

Crystals to help remind you of Salamander’s message are:

Adaptability/Change/Going With Life’s flow:
Amber Calcite


Chlorite in Quartz