Animal Totems – Salmon

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This animal totem is Salmon – Inner Knowing/Intuition, Adaptation/Transformation, Cycle of Life/Journeys
Salmon’s medicine is about finishing what you begin, bringing life’s events and cycles to a close.  Salmon’s life begins in freshwater, grows up in saltwater and returns to freshwater to spawn and die.  He uses his instincts and inner knowing to guide him back to the stream of his birth.  He completely trusts his instincts to keep him on course. 
His journey going out to saltwater and returning to freshwater involves many obstacles and physical changes that require periods of stillness.  Salmon must stop and wait for his body to acclimate to the changing salinity.  This takes time; if he rushes his body will suffer damages.   These periods of stillness are lessons for you to take time between each leg of your journey to gain insight and answers to help overcome any upcoming obstacles you may face.  Give yourself time to acclimate to each new phase in your life before leaping forward.  You may need to journey back to your childhood on an emotional level; this will enable you to gain clarity and understanding on your own history so that you can be your true, authentic self in the present.  It is about having the courage to face life’s challenges and accept them as lessons.
Salmon shows us the wisdom and value of swimming upstream through your emotional waters to gain insight, allow transformations to take place, find the meaning and purpose of your life, and accept that when one leg of your journey ends, another will begin.
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Can you see all situations, easy or difficult, as a learning experience? Can you see every experience as an adventure? Have you been reckless trying to achieve your goal? Have you ignored the advice of your own inner voice? Are you able to stay still in order to find the flow again? Do you know where you got distracted? Do you know the last step where you felt sure and right? Are you trying to always be right or controlling? Do you go against your instinct?
Crystals to remind you of Salmon’s medicine are:
Inner Knowing/Intuition:
Lithium Quartz    
Abalone Shell     
Shiva Lingam    
Cycles of Life/Journeys:
Violet Sapphire