Animal Totems – Snake

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This Animal Totem is the Snake – Transmutation and Healing

The shedding of snake’s skin represents the transmutation of life, death and rebirth cycle and gives the Snake the power of creation.  Snake is the energy of wholeness and cosmic consciousness.  By understanding on a personal level that you are a universal being you have the ability to experience all things willingly and without resistance which will allow you to accept all aspects of your life and in doing so you can bring about transmutation and healing.  You have the ability to transmute all poisons – physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual into new opportunities and changes in your life.  Snake is letting you know that these changes are safe, will lead you to your higher self and that there is no need to fear them.  In medicine, the symbol of two snakes twinning around a sword, not only represents healing but a complete understanding and acceptance of the masculine and feminine energies within.  The twinning of the two into one produces divine energy.
Do you fear change?  Do you feel that your old, safe, reliable patterns are becoming constricting?  If so, it is time to shed your out-dated skin.  Can you feel the rhythm of your body and allow it to glide you through life’s challenges.  Can you find the poisons (false beliefs/traumas/thoughts) in your mind that affect your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical state of being and transmute them into healing energies that will make a change in your life?  Do you know or can you feel that you are a universal being?  Are your masculine and feminine energies in balance?  Are you afraid of whom you might be if you allow change to occur?  Get clear on your intentions, release your fear (old skin) then use your powers of transmutation to make positive healing and changes in your life.

Crystals to remind you of Snake’s medicine are:

Awareness/Cosmic Consciousness:
Smokey Quartz    
Rutilated Quartz  
Balancing Yin/Yang Energies:
Shiva Lingam