Chakras – Root Chakra

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The root chakra or the first chakra is called the Muladhara (pronounced ‘Moola-dhaara’) Chakra. While all the Seven Chakras are important for our health and well being, some experts consider the first chakra to be the most important Chakra mainly since it directs energy to all other chakras and also helps connect the individual to his/her physical world.

Location of the root chakra– Base of the spine.

Organs and functions it affects– Large intestine, Immune system and all reproductive organs.

Color associated with the root chakra– The first chakra is associated with Red – the color of blood or passion. Hence, the Root Chakra represents the life force (Chi or Prana) of the physical body itself.

Open and well-balanced chakras

When a chakra is ‘open’ and well-balanced, it functions normally. The different Chakras all have different levels of activity and are considered to help our instincts; feelings and thinking align with each other. However, this is not the case always. Sometimes, a chakra is not open enough (it is underactive or overactive Chakra) which leads to an imbalance, ill-health and disharmony in the person.

Overactive Root chakra

When the root or first chakra is overactive, the individual tends to be very angry, aggressive or annoyed all the time. Slightest provocation is enough to set him/her off. Such a person tries to control others and following higher authority is rather difficult for him. Likewise, materialistic or greedy individuals also tend to have an overactive root chakra. Such people are more likely to resist change and are obsessed with feeling secure all the time.

Underactive Root chakra

The first chakra can sometimes be underactive, in that; it is not ‘open enough’. In such a case, the individual tends to feel insecure or disconnected with the outside world. S/he tends to be rather disorganized owing to this. Finishing daily tasks with efficiency can be hard for such people. Afraid, overly-anxious and nervous people also tend to have an underactive root chakra. They feel easily unwelcome in groups or parties.

Muladhara root chakra symbols and meanings

Opening and balancing the First Chakra

Both, underactive and overactive root chakras can lead to many physical symptoms like weight loss or weight gain or over or underactive sex drives, depression, laziness, anemia, IBS (irritable Bowel Syndrome) and so on. Hence, balancing the Root chakra is essential.

There are many ways of balancing the root chakra. Experts recommend the use of Yoga poses, aroma therapy essential oils, visualization and guided meditation as well as the use of colored crystals or stones to balance the root chakra. Here are a few methods:

  1. Envisioning a lotus at the base of the spine, where the root chakra is located. Alternatively, one can visualize red color glowing brightly at the base of the spine in order to open the first chakra.
  2. The root chakra is all about one’s connection to Mother Earth. Dancing is hence considered great way of balancing the root chakra. Likewise, one can get a pedicure, or go for a walk to balance and open the first chakra optimally.
  3. Yogasanas or yoga postures like Mountain pose, Bridge pose and Warrior One etc pose can also help open and balance the chakra.
  4. Aromatherapy: This involves burning a few essential oils (Angelica, geranium rose, Cedar, Frankincense or ylang ylang etc) or candles to make the room fragrant. Applying these oils on the pulse points before meditating can also help one relax and open the root chakra. The aforementioned oils can be used to rub on the soles of the feet.
  5. Crystals like Azurite, Bloodstone and yellow topaz etc are recommended for well-balanced first chakra.
  6. Nutrition for first chakra includes red foods like apples, strawberries, red cabbage as well as high protein foods like red meat, eggs etc.

The root chakra directs the Chi or life energy to all other chakras. When it is fully open and balanced, it will help you become a whole and healthy human being. You will be able to tap into this renewed energy and feel more confident, stable and physically alive.