Chakras – The Throat Chakra

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The Fifth Chakra in the human body is located in the throat region and aptly named Throat Chakra. In Sanskrit, the word ‘Vishuddha’ (meaning purification) is used for the Fifth Chakra. This Chakra is the center of communication, listening etc.

Location of the Fifth Chakra– Throat Chakra is located between the third and fifth neck vertebrae and opens towards the throat. Centrally it lies at the base of the neck.

Color associated with the throat chakra– Blue.

Organs and Functions depending on the Throat Chakra– Thyroid and Parathyroid glands are connected to this chakra. It impacts communication, hearing, listening, self expression and decision making etc.

Open and Well Balanced Chakras

All of the Seven Chakras in the body need to be balanced. When that is not so, the individual is likely to experience difficulties in life or professional settings etc. Chakras also impact the health and overall wellbeing of every individual. They are also connected to the endocrine system and affect the glands. Thus, hormonal issues are often a result of weak or imbalanced Chakras. Healthy Chakras spin and radiate energy. They allow the life force to flow smoothly through the body making the individual happy and whole.

Like the other Chakras, the Throat or the Fifth Chakra can sometimes get blocked. Blockages in energy flow can cause the Chakras to go in an overdrive or, conversely, become inactive. In either case, the individual may experience health problems.

Overactive Throat Chakra

In the overactive mode, the throat chakra can make a person critical and judgmental about those around him. Shrill, loud and domineering individuals who yell and shout at others (but do not allow others to talk back at them) tend to have overactive Fifth Chakras. Such people also tend to be in disharmony with their own feelings. They are unable to listen or understand and make up for it by intellectualizing, over analyzing or avoiding vulnerability of feelings.

Underactive Fifth Chakra

Sometimes the Fifth Chakra can be underactive. People with underactive Throat Chakras tend to whisper; they are afraid of openly expressing their views. They are timid or unable to stand up for themselves. They may also be forgetful or unable to articulate and express their feelings.

Vishuddha throat chakra symbols and meanings

Balancing and opening the Throat Chakra

People with an imbalance in their Fifth Chakra can have variety of health issues like thyroid problems, throat, dental or jaw problems as well as shoulder, arm and neck stiffness, arthritis etc. On the contrary, the ones with healthy Throat Chakras have highly attuned communication skills and the ability to detect lies or truths in conversations.

There are many ways of balancing and opening the Fifth Chakra to its maximum potential.

  1. Sounds, colors and positive affirmations pertaining to the Throat Chakra can help balance and open it fully. Visualizing the Blue color in the throat region during meditation, wearing blue clothes, decorating a room in blue etc can help one achieve this objective. Sitting outdoors under the blue sky or at the beach before the blue sea can also aid the Fifth Chakra.
  2. There are many blue stones and crystals that can be used for balancing the Throat Chakra: Lapis Lazuli, aquamarine, turquoise, blue tourmaline are a few mentionable ones in this list.
  3. Painting, artwork, crafts, singing and chanting (and other creative activities) can strengthen the throat chakra.
  4. Foods to quench the throat chakra include juices, fruits and vegetables with high water content and herbal teas etc.
  5. Keeping a journal to express one’s feelings, speaking the truth always and voicing thoughts and opinions while realizing self uniqueness are other ways of unblocking one’s Fifth Chakra.
  6. The Throat Chakra’s element is Ether. Hence, aromatherapy oils like Rose, ylang-ylang and Sandalwood can be used to benefit one during meditation.

The Throat Chakra is the centre of communication and purification. Balancing this Chakra can help you reconnect with your true nature and make you feel safe enough to express it. A strong and balanced Fifth Chakra can also help you get in touch with your desires and feelings that have been suppressed or long forgotten about.