Colors – Brown

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Next to green, brown is perhaps the earthiest of all colors. We see it in the soil, the bark of many trees, the fallen leaves at the end of autumn, and the mud that comes with spring. Brown is also a color of the harvest, the time when we bring in the rewards of our summer labors and set up for a secure and abundant winter. For these reasons and more, brown is definitely a color of practicality—of being “down to Earth.” As such, brown is a highly effective color in magical workings related to plants, animals—wild and domestic, but especially companion animals and livestock—and anything else to do with Nature. This is a color of generosity, stability and security, especially as it relates to the home, and it is often used in house-blessing rituals.

Brown is useful for material gain of all kinds, and is excellent for spellwork focused on food and food security. It is also a go-to color for assistance with financial crises. Brown is also associated with friendships, and is used in magic relating to trust, honesty, sincerity, and loyalty between friends. Its grounding and centering properties make it useful for balancing intense emotions, providing emotional support, and promoting strength and endurance. It aids with making decisions from a practical standpoint rather than emotional attachments, and reigns in indecisiveness.

Brown’s steady, practical energies can be harnessed to strengthen or solidify developments already underway, particularly if they relate to real estate or construction. It is very helpful for situations requiring concentration and focus, such as studying for exams, and for finding lost items. Brown is associated with both the planet and the Element of Earth, as well as the signs of Scorpio and Capricorn. Its cardinal direction is North.