Colors – Gold

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Gold is the color of wheat fields, sunlight sparkling on water, and the precious metal that has been revered for thousands of years around the globe. A warm, optimistic, attractive color, gold holds the energy of the divine masculine, and the positive essence of aspiring to the highest standards. Gold’s properties make it excellent for magical workings related to success, achievement, confidence, courage, charm, and positive thinking.

Its association with divine masculinity and with the mineral gold can be drawn upon for spellwork involving good fortune and abundance of all kinds, including financial wealth and prosperity. Gold is even useful for manifesting luxury and extravagance, but it is more practically known for helping with better money management. Any matter involving happiness, blessings, or generosity is bound to benefit from the energies of this shining hue. Gold also assists with connecting to the divine masculine in each person, regardless of gender. It can be used to boost inner strength, willpower, and intuition, and helps with the self-realization needed to heal emotional and psychic wounds from the past.

Workings related to any matter involving the need for justice, peace, and/or safety can benefit from the use of gold. This is a color of stability, which can be seen in the fact that the mineral gold, in its purest form, does not tarnish. Gold is also useful in workings related to physical health, divination, and attracting good luck and money in a short amount of time.

Some people also use gold candles during divination and for purification rituals. Gold is a primary color of the God and is used to represent him on the Wiccan altar. It is associated with the Sun and with the Element of Fire, as well as the signs of Leo and Virgo. Its cardinal direction is South.