Colors – Green

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Green Green is a color widely associated with the season of spring and the bursting forth of new life. It is the color of grass, leaves, and plant life in general, and is used in magic associated with the fairy realm. Containing the energies of both yellow and blue, this vibrant color is both healing and uplifting, and its masculine and feminine energies evoke a sense of balance and harmony. As the color of the heart chakra, green is a mediator between the realm of thought and the realm of emotion, and assists in workings related to compassion, love (including love of self) and healthy partnerships, including marriages. In the magical world, green is perhaps best known as the color of abundance and good luck. In fact, it is the predominant color of paper money in the United States, which gave rise to the slang term “green” in reference to cash. Green is indeed used in spellwork related to increasing financial well-being, but it’s also very effective for any kind of abundance, whether it’s good health, supportive friends and family, or a farm or garden ripe with nourishing crops. Green is also associated with the related concept of prosperity—a reliable, continuous source of well-being as opposed to a one-time boon of good fortune. As such, green is also excellent for workings related to employment or career matters, the growth of business, and positive returns on investments. Green’s association with the flourishing of plant life makes it an ideal color for spellwork focused on physical fertility, as well as all kinds of renewal, rebirth, rejuvenation, and transformation. It is a color of new beginnings, and can be used to support personal growth and progress toward any goal. Of course, green is highly appropriate for magic related to gardening, gaining skills in herbal healing, preservation of trees and other plant life, and environmental concerns. Green is a color of Earth and can be used in magic and rituals to represent this Element. Astrologically, it is associated with the planets Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury, and with the signs of Aquarius, Cancer, and Taurus. Its cardinal direction is North.

Elements: Earth
Direction: North
Chakra: heart
Planet: Venus, Jupiter, Mars
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Days of the Week: Friday, Wednesday, Thursday
Tools: cauldron, chalice
Tarot: Emperor, Sevens, Aces
Deities: The Mother Goddess, Gods of Healing