Colors – Yellow

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The cheerful, sunny energies of yellow are known for having instant vibration-raising effects on those who simply gaze at the color for a few moments. Yellow is actually the brightest color on the spectrum, and its harmonious energy helps us move away from the lower vibrations of stress and sadness. Yellow helps us open our capacity to enjoy the present moment, making way to experience optimism, happiness, and joy. Yellow is primarily associated with the functions of the intellect, and is used in magic relating to memory, concentration, focus, and general mental clarity. It is the ideal magical color for students, as it assists with not merely acquiring knowledge, but truly understanding the subject matter one is studying. Yellow can help dissolve mental blocks and even accelerate the learning process, which is handy whether you’re taking a class, training for a new job, or simply taking up a new hobby. As a color of the Air Element, yellow is also used in spellwork related to creative intelligence— imagination, inspiration, ingenuity, and new ideas—in both the arts and the business realm. Draw on the power of yellow when you feel stuck in a creative project or need to contribute original ideas to a group endeavor. If you’re seeking improved communication with friends or colleagues, or want to enhance your skills of persuasion, yellow is the ideal magical ally.

Yellow is also used in spellwork related to travel—especially air travel—as well as intuition, divination, astral projection, and communicating with beings in the spirit realm. Yellow also boosts self-awareness, self-esteem, and confidence, and is associated with the solar chakra, which governs these qualities. It is used in spellwork related to healing, pleasure, flexibility, beauty, and friendship. Yellow is also associated with the Sun as well as the planet Mercury, and the signs of Taurus and Libra. Its cardinal direction is East. As a Sun color, it is good for spells and rituals that call specifically on solar energies or deities associated with the Sun.