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Accident – it is not considered a good sign and suggests bad news or that your life is not going in the right direction. Dreams with accidents mean fear of failure, negative thoughts, pessimism, stagnation, or obstacles. Car accidents, misunderstandings or financial problems, plane accidents, trouble with your professional life, disputes with people you work with, sea accidents, emotional problems, fights with people you love.

Alien – expresses desire for change, of living a new life or new experiences, escape from the ordinary things, inadaptability, the feeling you are not understood or accepted by other people. Dreams of aliens abducting you symbolize fear of the unknown or fear of losing something you care about.

Angel – if you have a dream with a white angel, it shows the need of being protected, the incapacity of doing things on your own, waiting for someone to help you, the desire to be protected, purity, innocence, or inspiration. A black angel could be considered big danger, failure, warning, or blasphemy.

Animals – mean strong instincts, energy, and force of survival. It could be a message that you have the ability of handling even the most difficult situations, but at the same time it could be a warning. If you dream that you fight with an animal, it means that you reject a part of you. You can always check the symbol of the animal of which you dreamt.

Avalanche – unexpected outburst of your own feelings and thoughts, inside struggle, uncontrolled emotions, or remembering some emotional experiences that hurt. Being trapped by an avalanche symbolizes risks, imminent danger, and emotional vulnerability.

Baby – dreaming of a baby could mean hope, or a new beginning in your professional or private life. A baby also symbolizes innocence, lack of worries or maturity. An ugly baby represents self-doubt, problems, trouble. A sick baby means disappointment or a difficult period. A smiling baby could mean happy times and joy. A sleeping baby represents a break, detachment from your problems. A crying baby indicates a lack of attention or the need to feel loved.

Cemetery – emphasizes losing hope, fear of failure, doubts about the future, a need for rest, or ending a period and starting a new one. Cemetery in the nighttime: anxiety, hidden secrets. Cemetery in the daytime: curiosity, the need for facing the danger or difficulty, intense emotions and feelings.

Chase – this is one of the symbols that appear often in people’s dreams. Being chased signifies insecurity, fear, or the need to escape, to run away from something or someone. At the same time, it could mean that you have enemies, you’re threatened and someone wants to take your place. If you dream that you follow someone, it means you can’t make your own decision and you wait for other people to do it for you.

City – reflects your social environment. Small city: frustrations, limited horizons, and incapacity of expressing your own opinions or skills. Big city: danger, agitation, arrogance, and courage to face difficulties. Unknown city: solitude, fear of socializing, isolation, and escape.

Clothes – it is an important element in dreams; clothing refers to our own image in front of others, what we want to show those around us. Baggy clothes mean arrogance and superiority, while overly small clothes refer to modesty, inferiority, or hidden skills. If you dream of yourself in old clothes, you might be afraid of losing something or you need to be pitied, unlike dreaming of new or white clothes that show optimism, joy, and positive attitude.

Clouds – white clouds symbolize optimism, enthusiasm, illusions, idealism, and joy. Gray clouds mean depression, pessimism, fear, worries, confusion, anxiety, inability to understand a situation, and uncertainty.

Dance – it’s considered a good sign, revealing cooperation, happiness, and freedom. Dancing alone: lack of problems, need for relaxation, desire to be independent and express your feelings. Dancing with a partner: addiction to the partner, the need and desire for advice, obedience, and humiliation. Dancing with a group: participation, implication, and desire to be part of a group.

Darkness – fear of new things or situations, of not finding the right direction for your life, fear, mystery, risk, danger. Walking in the darkness: desire to find solutions, hope for good results, and the courage to face danger.

Death – refers to change, ending an old period, and starting something new. Violent death means abrupt ends or an unexpected turn of events. The death of somebody you love reflects the fear of being abandoned or alone, while your own death means that you are scared you will not be able to finish something you started, or you will not succeed at something.

Demons – indicates fear, anxiety, negativism, and the risk of making mistakes. It could also symbolize danger from enemies or even from inside you, the negative part that stands in your way when you want to achieve something. Demons are also the image of malice and self-destruction. Dreams in which you are possessed by demons show helplessness.

Desert – isolation, privacy, solitude, lack of activity, inability to do something important with your life. It could also mean you are able to face all the problems and efforts and that you have the power.

Exam – it is said to symbolize self-evaluation, an element that appears in the important moments of your life. It also means anxiety, fear of competition, or the need to prove your superiority. Failing the exam in your dream is associated with immaturity or not being ready to face life, and passing the exam expresses self-confidence and courage.

Falling – it is another very common image symbolizing anxiety, worries, and fear. Something in your life is wrong and you can’t fix it or do something to make things better. It means you can’t control your own life or the people around you.

Family – means security, caring, love. Big family: important social relations, sociability, desire to be surrounded by people, desiring a busy life. Being surrounded by your family: the feeling of being protected and loved.

Fire – symbolizes energy, trust, hope, action, courage, and needing change. It could also mean danger and destructive passion. Small fire: boredom, routine, lack of courage. Fire in fireplace: peace, calm, relaxation, protection, and contentment.

Flowers – romantic, fragility, sensibility, creativity, hope, innocence. White flowers mean vulnerability, purity. Colored flowers: happiness, wealth, energy. Sunflower: adaptability. Greenhouse flowers: inability to face problems, fragility, and sensitivity.

Flying – reflects a sense of freedom, a need to be free, to act, speak and think how you want. Another connotation could be the desire to overstep the lines, of doing more, taking risks, courage, superiority, self-confidence, or evolution.

Food – represents knowledge and energy, the power to go on, and implication. It could also mean compliments or critics, depending on how the food looks. Food on the plate is success, appreciation, or complacence. Food on the ground or the table is disrespect, inferiority, or compromises. Eating alone at the table is associated with solitude and loneliness.

Gold – a symbol for triumph, gain, situations where you may succeed, prosperity, domination, and self-confidence. Gold jewelry represents wealth and success, while gold tableware reflects great professional and financial ambitions. To dream of losing gold means worrying you’ll miss a chance.

Hand – it is connected to creativity and work, but also expresses the relation you have with people around you. Tied up or broken hands: inability to do something, constraints, and frustrations. Hands in pockets: passivity, indifference, and lack of implication. Dirty hands: guilt, sins, and huge mistakes. Holding someone’s hand: advice, and the desire to help.

Help – it symbolizes support, advice, generosity if you offer help in your dream, and needing support if you are receiving help. You are stuck in a difficult situation and need advice if you are asking for help. You’re in a really desperate and difficult situation if you beg for help.

House – represents your identity. Each room is a symbol for different feelings and experiences. The bedroom indicates relaxation; the living room: comfort and safety; the kitchen: work; your office: social life; the bathroom: getting rid of negative feelings. An empty house expresses loneliness and insecurity.

Jewelry – refers to personal important values, something special or rare that is important for you. Jewelry for men symbolizes comfort, wealth, fortune, great ambitions, a fight for money, while jewelry for women means pleasure, affection, tenderness, and attention. Fake jewelry reflects dishonesty, lies, fake feelings, or the need to reevaluate feelings.

Key – secrets, hidden actions or feelings, desire to keep something secret. Gold key: ambition, success, accomplishment, or originality. Old key: conservatism, fear of new things or events, or the fear you are old-fashioned. Lost key: obstacles, delays; found key: solutions, understanding a situation.

Killing – symbolizes guilt, shame, helplessness, fear of your own actions, the possibility of making a mistake, a crime, or something illegal. It could also indicate that you want to get rid of a part of your personality that you don’t like, or that you have important health problems.

Labyrinth – describes your own life. It is a symbol for trouble, obstacles, difficult problems, overload, feeling that you are not on the right path, that you are losing your way and you don’t know how to come back, or confusion.

Library – the need for competent people in your life, to find an answer to your questions, or new meanings for your life. Shelves with books: using knowledge; empty shelves: lack of experience, the need to study.

Marriage – achieving an important goal and ending a period of research. It also suggests commitment, the wish of association, the need for communication or integration, and the hope that your dreams will come true. An arranged marriage could signify lack of freedom, or helplessness.

Money – means power, ability to achieve your goals according to your relationship with money in your dreams. Losing money: unhappiness for you and your family, failure; finding money: new ideas and chances; counting money: chance of receiving money or goods; stealing money: financial problems; receiving salary or compensation: fighting for your rights.

Mountains – a symbol of stability, safety, confidence, ambition, the ability to overcome the life’s problems. Climbing mountains is the ambition for achieving goals and high standards, optimism, the ability and courage of going further. Climbing down mountains means pessimism, discouragement, lack of self-confidence, fear of failure, and inability to solve problems.

Nudity – it could be interpreted as honesty, integrity, the way we truly are. However, it could also be the fear of being exposed in font of others, insecurity, and vulnerability.

Paralysis – most people don’t know that the body actually experiences a form of paralysis during the dreaming process. It reflects fear, inability to act in certain situations, that you are being stuck in something and you don’t know how to act, or feeling helpless.

People – a problem, a fear, or a hope may occur in your dreams disguised as a person that we may or may not know. If we dream of people we know, it means we desire a quality they have and we don’t own; unknown people symbolize hidden parts of yourself and people that are blocking you are those who don’t want you to achieve your objectives.

Ring – shows loyalty, fidelity, commitments, and well-kept promises. It could also mean that you may end a period of your life and start a new one, the desire of ending an important project, or feeling captive in a circle.

Roads – represent the direction in life for people who dream of them. Straight roads represent success, accomplishment, and prosperity. Curvy roads: life with obstacles, difficulties in achieving goals. Dark roads: trouble. Roads luminous or with flowers: evolution, progress.

Running – the need to escape a difficult situation. If you run away from someone/something, it means you want to change something. You want to run, but you are stuck. A lack of ambition and self-confidence and running in a race: a conflict situation, you need to be careful with your competitors or enemies.

Scar – big pain, agony, things from the past that still follow you now, fear of being hurt again, bad memories, lessons that you learned about not making mistakes again, complexes that you have that prevent your evolution.

Sex – symbolizes desire or passion. If you dream of having sex with an ex-lover, it means you have some uncertain feelings. Dreaming of incestuous sex is not a thing to be ashamed of; it might represent the transition from childhood to maturity. Sex with a celebrity reflects your desire for fame, while sex with a stranger means a personal inner development.

Storm – huge problems, danger, difficulties, and change. If you are trying to run away from the storm, it means that you’re looking for someone to support you or to give you advice; you are looking for solutions to be out of danger.

Teeth – one of the most common dreams is of teeth falling out. One interpretation is that we are afraid of getting old and less good-looking. Another is that losing teeth leads to lack of communication. Ugly or broken teeth represent the risk of losing reputation or lack of self-confidence and white, bright teeth mean courage, self-respect and initiative.

Thief – it means that you have financial problems or that are losing control of your life. It also represents a feeling of guilt and greed. Dreaming that someone else is stealing from you shows that you are frustrated and want something that does not belong to you, fear of failure, or loss.

Travel – expresses the desire to change something in your life, evolution, progress, but also relaxation, taking breaks, or accumulating knowledge. Travelling alone means solitude, isolation, that you’re trying to escape from society, and fear of other people. Dreaming of travelling in a new place could mean a new change in your life.

Tree – when the tree is the main dream, it symbolizes you as a person. When it is a decoration, it means new hopes and dreams, new life. Green tree: good health and wealth, hope. Cutting a tree: you should watch your health. It could also represent vulnerability, pessimism, tiredness, disappointment, and the need to be protected.

Vehicle – is a symbol of ambition, and the ability to control your life if you are the driver. If you dream you can’t find a spot to park the car, or you forgot where you parked, then you are unhappy or unfulfilled. Dreaming of being hit by a car suggests that your beliefs or thoughts are in contradiction with somebody else’s.

Water – represents your subconscious. Clean water signifies sincerity, real feelings, and sensibility, while dirty water is a symbol for regrets, disappointment, and unhappiness. Cold water signifies revival and isolation. Warm water suggests amiability, tenderness, and comfort. Hot water indicates deep, but dangerous passion.