Feasts & Festivals – Making A Corn Dolly

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  • Two small handfuls of corn stalks
  • Green and yellow wool or cotton
  • Trailing greenery (ivy or grape vine are ideal)
  • Appropriately coloured ribbons for the ritual (e.g. red or orange for Lammas)


  • Take one handful of corn stalks. Just below the top, bind the stalks with the yellow cotton, tying securely. 3–5 cm underneath, bind the stalks again; this forms the head of the doll.
  • Carefully divide the bound bundle into four strands. (The outer two will form the arms, the middle ones the body.)
  • Gently bend the stalks which represent the arms and bind carefully with the yellow cotton. Bind the two middle pieces together, crisscrossing the cotton to create a body approximately 10–15 cm (4 in) long.
  • Use the green cotton to bind the two middle lower sections to represent legs. Ask for a blessing from an agricultural god. You might say: “God of plenty, bless now this image of your fertility.”
  • Decorate with the ribbons and trailing greenery.
  • To represent a feminine deity, leave the bottom section free so that it looks like a skirt. The representation of the male god can also be used at the time of Mabon – the Autumn Equinox – or at Saturnalia in December.