Grimoire – A Love Calling Spell

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You will need:

  • One Green Candle
  • Your favorite piece of Jewelry
  • One rose or Lavender incense stick in a holder

Timing: Fridays

The Spell

♦ Put the jewelry in front of the candle.

♦ Light the candle, look into the flame, and say: I call my love to find me and stay with me faithfully and lovingly as long as the sun shines and the waters of the earth flow.

♦ If you already know who the person is, refer to him or her by name throughout the spell.

♦ Light the incense stick from the candle and write the same words in the air over the candle and jewelry, using the incense stick as a smoke pen.

♦ Pass the jewelry in a clockwise direction three times above the candle flame and repeat the same words.

♦ Blow out the candle, repeating the same words once more.

♦ Wear the jewelry whenever you go on a date or to a place where you hope to meet someone new.

♦ Cast the spell again any Friday you wish to keep the energies flowing.