Grimoire – A Traditional Crescent Moon Spell to Attract New Love

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Timing: Any night from crescent moon until full moon

You will need:

  • A map of your city or country or of the world for a cosmopolitan lover
  • One box of pins
  • One magnet

The Spell

♦ Scatter the pins over the map, saying, Near and far o’er land and sea, a lover true, I call to me.

♦ Circle the magnet clockwise over the map, collecting all the pins.

♦ Say continuously, So do I draw love to me, as pin to magnet joined are we. So I call my lover true, come before the next moon is new.

♦ Put the pins in the unlidded box with the magnet inside on top of the unfolded map near a window.

♦ On the night of the full moon, leave a silver candle to burn so that candlelight and moonlight shine on the box.

♦ Leave everything in place until love comes or repeat at the next new moon, whichever comes sooner.