Grimoire – A Victorian Mirror Spell

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Timing: Midnight

You will need:

  • A mirror large enough to see yourself in
  • A floral-scented candle
  • A hairbrush

The Spell

♦ Just before midnight, light the candle. Make sure the light is reflecting in the mirror.

♦ At midnight, gaze into the mirror, brushing your hair gently and rhythmically. Count silently to 100.

♦ At 100, continue brushing, whispering continuously these age-old words: Come my lover, come to me, over river, over sea, over mountains, far or near, in this looking glass appear.

♦ When you are in a dream state, put down the brush, touch the mirror with your lips, and close your eyes.

♦ Open your eyes slowly and blink. Behind you, reflected in the glass, you may momentarily see the face of the one who will love you in the future or someone you have met already.

♦ If you see nothing, shut your eyes again, count to 100 quickly, and imagine the candlelit mirror in your mind.

♦ Blow out the candle. Your lover’s image will come into your mind.