Grimoire – Blue Perimeter Home Protection Spell

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Blue Perimeter Home Protection Spell

The vibrations of well-being that emanate from the color blue makes it an ideal color for a protection spell against negative energy—whether the negativity comes in the form of your own thoughts, other nonphysical energies within the home, or other people. The subtle energetic adjustment created by this spell can help you turn your home into a true sanctuary, where the most positive and healing aspects of yourself and others can flourish. This spell requires some extra caution, as you will be leaving lit candles temporarily unattended while you move from room to room. Make sure to take any necessary precautions regarding pets and children beforehand. For best results, it’s good to straighten up, sweep, dust, and/or whatever might be needed to create a sense of calm and order in the house. You may also want to purify the energy by smudging with herbs, or another space-clearing method.

You will need:

✨Blue tea lights or votives (enough for each door and window into your home)

✨Small bag or basket to carry candles


Place all of the candles in the bag or basket and hold it in your arms. Focus on harnessing the energy of protection and concentrating it into all of the candles.

When you’re ready, starting with the front entrance, place a blue candle on the floor at the center of the door.

Light the candle, and visualize a blue wall of vibrant light sealing off this area of your home from unwanted energies and visitors.

Moving clockwise around your house, repeat these steps at every window and any additional doors—every potential entrance to your home. (If you have a working chimney, place one at the hearth as well.)

When you have reached the front entrance again, take a deep breath and visualize your entire home surrounded by protective blue light, and say the following (or similar) words:

“All energy within these walls is positive, peaceful, and for the good of all. And so it is.”

Leave all the candles burning simultaneously for at least three minutes while you enjoy the feeling of security and peace permeating your living space.

To close the ritual, start again with the front entrance and gently extinguish the candle.

Work clockwise again through the house, extinguishing each flame.

You can reuse these candles for atmosphere, or whenever you’d like to summon a feeling of reassurance while in your home.