Grimoire – Color Scrying Ritual

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Color Scrying Ritual

Scrying is an ancient and versatile form of divination, using water, crystal balls, tea leaves, and even cloud forms to reveal images and information not normally available to the conscious mind. But it isn’t an art that comes easily to everyone. This fun method uses the interaction between water and color to allow for more readily-seen images to come through, which works well as a beginning scrying exercise. For best results, try this at night by candlelight! Yellow’s association with the Element of Air and with divination makes it a great color to work with here, both in terms of the water and the candle(s). You may wish to approach this ritual with a specific question in mind, or simply be open to whatever images and impressions come through. The food coloring will eventually dissolve into the water, but if you begin with cold water, you should have plenty of time for scrying before this happens.

You will need:

  • 1 yellow spell candle
  • Anointing oil (optional)
  • Work candles for atmosphere (optional)
  • Small bowl
  • Cup of cold water
  • Yellow food coloring
  • Journal or writing paper (optional)


Find a quiet place to sit where you will be able to gaze into the bowl of water, ideally with the yellow candle(s) directly behind the bowl. Anoint the spell candle with the oil, if using. Light any atmosphere candles and then spend a few moments quieting your mind. You may wish to think of a specific question at this time, but it’s not necessary.

When you feel ready, open your eyes and light the yellow candle. You can state your question at this time, or simply affirm that you’re open to helpful communication from the invisible realms. Now pour the cup of water into the small bowl. Train your focus on the water, emptying your mind of any other thoughts.

Hold the bottle of food coloring about a foot above the bowl and squeeze three drops into the water. With a soft gaze and receptive state of mind, sit quietly and allow any impressions from the yellow swirls within the water to arise in your consciousness. You may want to occasionally give the water a brief, gentle swirl with your finger to create more movement.

Feel free to write down any images, ideas, revelations, etc. that come to you during this exercise. When you’re finished, or when the food coloring has dissolved into the water completely, gently extinguish the spell candle and pour the water down the sink.