Grimoire – Encouragement Spell for Challenging Times

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Encouragement Spell for Challenging Times

When faced with a difficult situation, whether it’s a challenging task, a tough life transition, or simply a garden-variety case of “the blues,” the vibrational frequencies of orange can be immensely helpful to your ability to overcome negative emotions. This spell will help you bring in the support you need by affirming what you are currently doing, honoring the character traits you admire in yourself, and encouraging an optimistic outlook. You should shoot for as many encouraging notes as you can, but use a minimum of seven. If you can’t find orange sticky notes, white or yellow will work just as well.

Note: because you will be leaving paper in close proximity to a burning candle, it’s best not to leave the spell candle unattended at all. If this isn’t possible, then gently extinguish the spell candle when the work is finished, and feel free to relight it along with the pillar candle at a later stage.

You will need:

✨1 orange spell candle

✨1 orange pillar candle

✨Bergamot essential oil (optional)

✨Several (at least 7) orange sticky notes


Anoint the spell candle with the oil, if using.

Light the pillar candle and take a few moments to quiet your mind. Allow for the possibility of positive thoughts to flow into your experience.

When you’re ready, begin to write messages of encouragement to yourself, using one sticky note for each message.

For best results, focus on three categories: giving support to where you are in this moment, honoring what makes you feel good about yourself, and affirming an optimistic viewpoint.

Some examples of words of encouragement are:

“I am exactly where I’m supposed to be,”

“I am a kind person,” and

“I always rise to meet my challenges.”

Write as many as you can, but make sure you agree with each statement you’re making. If seven is all you can manage, that’s perfectly fine!

Arrange the messages around the orange spell candle in a circle, reading each one aloud before you place it down.

Visualize the power of the words giving you a boost of encouragement. When you feel your energy begin to lift, light the spell candle as you say the following (or similar) words:

“Every positive word I say brings more light and joy my way. And so it is.”

If you can, allow the spell candle to burn out on its own.

Place the sticky notes in various spots around your home, your car, or wherever else you will see them often.

You can continue to relight the orange pillar candle (as well as the spell candle, if need be) whenever you would like to reactivate the encouraging vibrations.