Grimoire – Healthy Fire Regeneration Spell

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Healthy Fire Regeneration Spell

Fire magic is excellent for banishing, and red’s association with both Fire and health makes it the perfect choice for ridding yourself of a health issue. This spell honors the role of Fire in the forest—the destruction of the old in order to make room for the new. You will be “burning away” an old, unwanted physical form in order to bring in the new, healed, version of yourself. Bay leaves are associated with healing and the fulfillment of wishes. What’s more, burning a bay leaf in the home has been shown to relieve anxiety and boost the immune system! As with any magic, this spell is not meant to replace needed medical care. However, it will certainly add power to any healing process initiated by a medical professional. And while your health issue may not be resolved overnight, you will be aligning yourself with healing vibrational frequencies, allowing the process to unfold at a much faster rate than it would otherwise. Depending on the size of your bay leaf and fireproof bowl, you may want to keep a small amount of water on hand just to be on the safe side. If you don’t have a red pencil, a regular pencil is fine.

You will need:

  • Red Spell Candle
  • Bay Leaf
  • Red Pencil
  • Small Fireproof Bowl
  • Small Cup of Water (Optional)


Before you begin, take three deep breaths and focus your energy on a white light radiating from your heart center.

During each exhale, feel the light washing away any negativity or anxiety and allow your muscles to relax.

When you feel calm, clear, and focused, light the red candle. On the bay leaf, write down the health issue you’re seeking to banish.

Then spend a few minutes visualizing your body as you wish it to be.

For example, if you have an injured knee, visualize walking, running, jumping, etc. with two completely healthy and pain-free knees.

If you have a cold, visualize breathing freely and having plenty of energy.

Hold and strengthen this vision for a few moments.

When you feel ready, say the following (or similar) words:

“I release all imbalances of body, mind, and soul. This fire of regeneration makes me whole. It is done.”

Now light the bay leaf on fire with the candle flame, and drop it into the dish to burn completely. (If the fire goes out before the leaf has completely burned, you can carefully relight it, either with the candle flame or a match.)

Allow the candle to burn out on its own.

Scatter the ashes of the bay leaf over the Earth.