Grimoire – Magic Cash Spell

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Magic Cash Spell

There are many spells out there that involve charging actual cash—either coins or paper bills—to attract more cash. This version draws very directly from the power of the green spell candle, with a little help from prosperous patchouli oil.

You will need:

✨1 green spell candle

✨Patchouli essential oil

✨1 five-dollar bill

✨Green rubber band


Anoint the candle with the patchouli oil.

Fold the five-dollar bill in half lengthwise and wrap it around the candle.

Secure the bill with the rubber band, leaving at least an inch of space between the bill and the candle wick so that the flame will not ignite the bill.

Now hold the wrapped candle between your palms and summon up the feeling of being flush with cash, with all of your basic needs met and the ability to spend some money on yourself!

When you have a solid hold on this feeling, say the following (or similar) words three times:

“As above, so below. So money in my life does flow. Land to sky, shore to shore, this money brings me money more.”

Light the candle and allow it to burn down to the top of the five-dollar bill.

Gently extinguish the candle, and when the wax has cooled, unwrap the bill.

Carry it with you in your wallet, but don’t spend it—instead, whenever you see it, remind yourself that you are attracting more cash into your life each day.