Grimoire – Sandalwood Spirit Cleansing Face Mask

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Sandalwood’s use as the primary agent of ancient spiritual purification rites only slightly trails that of frankincense and myrrh. Sandalwood incense may be burned to purify the atmosphere; a few drops of the essential oil added to a full tub of warm water creates an instant and luxuriously scented purification bath. It can also be used in a face mask that cleanses the aura and creates a protective barrier against spiritual harm, while improving skin tone (in particular for dry, dehydrated or aging skin).

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You will need:

✨1 tablespoon sandalwood powder (available from Indian grocery or supply stores)


Place the sandalwood powder in your cupped palm or use a seashell for mixing.

Add warm water drop by drop until a thin paste is formed.

Spread the paste onto your face.

Wait about 10 minutes or until it stiffens and then rinse off.

Cleansing crystals include amethyst & clear quartz.
Wear or carry small ones for a cleansing effect between rituals. Place larger crystals in the bath to intensify any purification bath. Large crystals arranged in your home or work area can serve as psychic vacuum cleaners. Remember to clean and recharge frequently.