Grimoire – Seven Roses Aura-Cleansing Bath

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You will need:

✨7 red roses
✨Handful of salt
✨Splash of vinegar
✨Splash of lemon juice
✨Splash of pure springwater and/or holy water


Fill your tub with water.

Remove the roses from the stems. Watch out for any thorns.

Throw all the ingredients into the tub.

Spend 7 minutes in your bath, rubbing yourself with the roses, submerging yourself periodically and focusing upon your goals.

Dry off with a clean towel, white or unbleached cotton if possible, and put on fresh clothes.

Aura-cleansing spells can be combined for intensification purposes. Burn purification incense in the bathroom prior to taking your aura-cleansing bath.

Now, here’s the hard part: walk out of the room without looking back. The roses have a tendency to come apart in the tub. This is one of the messier spells. Depending upon how important tidiness is to you, you may be tempted to stop and clean your tub. Don’t. It’s vital for the success of this spell that you put some time in between taking the bath and cleaning up the residue. If at all possible, get someone else to clean the tub for you. If not possible, walk out of the room and do something positive or enjoyable that lifts your spirits. After at least an hour, when you feel calm, strong and distanced from any negative feelings that may have caused you to take this bath, you may clean the tub.