Grimoire – Spell for Navigating Sudden Change

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Spell for Navigating Sudden Change

Change is often startling and uncomfortable. This is true whether the change is positive, negative, expected, or unexpected. When it comes to unexpected change, however, it’s very common to get thrown off-balance by the disruption it causes. Yet all change brings with it new possibilities for improved circumstances, no matter how counterintuitive that may seem at the time. This spell can help you navigate the choppy waters of unexpected change by shifting your perspective on the situation and rebalancing your energy, opening you up to receive unexpected blessings.

You will need:

✨1 orange pillar candle

✨Orange or bergamot essential oil

✨Oil burner or diffuser

✨Journal or writing paper


Heat the oil in the burner or diffuser and then spend a few moments breathing deeply to quiet your mind.

When you feel grounded and centered, light the pillar candle and begin to freewrite about the situation.

Start by identifying the change that has happened, and then write about what you liked about the way things were before.

Spend some time envisioning what positive developments are possible now that this change has occurred.

You don’t need to know how these developments might come about—simply open your mind to the potential that this sudden change has made possible. For example, if you’ve just lost a job, imagine what new and better opportunities could be coming your way.

If you had travel plans that have fallen through, imagine what you can do with the time and money that have just been freed up.

Be creative and intuitive with your freewriting, rather than logical or analytical.

Write for at least fifteen minutes total.

As you write, imagine the candle shining a bright orange light upon you and surrounding you in its energetic field.

When you’re finished, fold up the pages you’ve written and place them next to the candle.

As you do so, say the following (or similar) words:

“Winds of change are the breath of life. I am grounded, centered, and ready for new blessings. So let it be.”

Place the candle in a special place in your home and know that you can light it whenever you need some extra support during this time of change.

When some time has passed and you’ve adjusted to the change, you may want to revisit your freewriting to see how you have shifted since working the spell.