Herbs – Bergamot

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Botanical Name: Citrus bergamia syn. C. aurantium var. bergamia

Family: Rutaceae

Bergamot is believed to be a hybrid of the lemon (Citrus limon) and bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) trees and has been known to grow in the Mediterranean region since the early 1700s. It has fragrant white flowers, smooth oval leaves, and yellow fruit that resemble oranges. Its name is believed to have come from the city of Bergamo in northern Italy, where distillation of its oil may have originated. Alternatively, the name may have come from the Turkish word beg-armudu, which means “prince’s pear.” Bergamot has been used in perfumery since the eighteenth century. One of its culinary uses provides the distinctive flavor of Earl Grey tea.

Oil and Blending Information: The fruit peel is cold-pressed, producing a light greenish-yellow oil with a sweet-fruity, slightly floral scent.

Strength : 2

Scent Group : citrus

Perfume Note : top

Plant Part : As Above/Fruit

Warning : causes photosensitivity

Magical Uses: Use bergamot for protection, especially psychic protection when dark powers seem to cast shadows over life. Also use it to overcome or remove hexes. This oil aids in letting go of toxic emotions, restoring peace after a quarrel, and encouraging happiness. It also helps to open awareness for dreamwork. Employ bergamot in spells to aid in legal matters as well as attract luck, money, and prosperity. It is a good oil for divination and spirit communication. Bergamot helps focus energy for manifesting success and wealth. Use it for control and strength when dealing with problems. Bergamot is also associated with confidence, courage, kindness, love, and well-being.

Zodiac : Gemini, Virgo

Solar System : Saturn, Sun

Elements : earth, fire, water