Herbs – Betony

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(Stachys officinalis, Betonica officinalis, Stachys betonia)
Folk Names: Bishopwort, lousewort, wood betony, purple betony
Gender: Hot
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Fire
Associated Deities: Zeus, Amun, the Dagda
Part Used: The herb
Basic Powers: Protection, purification

Specific Uses:
A very magickal herb for Druids. It was said to have power against evil spirits, fearful visions, nightmares, and despair wherever it was carried, hung, or strewn in the house. It makes a protective wall when sprinkled near all doors and windows. A betony sleep pillow keeps away bad dreams. Add to all incenses of purification and protection. Burn in outdoor fires and jump through the cleansing smoke, especially at the Summer Solstice.