Herbs – Cinnamon

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Cinnamon is another herb commonly found in our kitchens that actually has a long history of both culinary and magical importance. Anyone familiar with its pungent taste and scent will probably not be surprised to learn that cinnamon is associated with the Sun and the Element of Fire, but it’s actually also an Air herb, lending it more versatility than you might suspect. Like chamomile, cinnamon was used in the embalming process of the ancient Egyptians. It was also burned as an incense in the temples of the gods, a custom that continued in the temples of ancient Greece and Rome. For hundreds of years, Arabic peoples transported cinnamon from its native Asia to Europe, all the while keeping its origins a secret, in order to maintain high prices for the coveted spice. Traders crafted tall tales about the dangers of obtaining the exotic sticks of cinnamon, which were said to be guarded by huge falcon-like birds or terrifying giant snakes. The rarity and price of cinnamon made it a status symbol among Europeans all the way up to the 16th century, and the discovery of new routes for acquiring cinnamon and other exotic spices was a chief goal of explorers like Columbus. Fortunately for us, cinnamon is now widely available, not just as a spice but as an incense and an energetic ally in meeting various magical goals. Its aphrodisiac qualities make it excellent for spells involving love and the libido, and ancient texts from Europe, Egypt, and China note its power to draw in happiness. Cinnamon is also an excellent ingredient in spells to increase your financial and personal prosperity, as these successes are also linked to the bright-hot power of the Sun. Many Witches add a piece of cinnamon stick to magical sachets aimed at manifesting success, money, protection and more, as its fiery properties can add an extra “kick” to just about any working. Finally, the powerful heat of cinnamon is strong in its ability to shine positive light into dark corners—whether of a physical dwelling or of the mind. As such, this herb is perfect for banishing stagnant negativity and providing protection.