Herbs – Eucalyptus

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This eucalyptus species only reaches about 100 feet tall, has narrow tapering leaves, and whitish-yellow bark. With a species name meaning “lemon-scented,” the oil of this tree has been widely used to perfume linen closets as well as protect the contents against insects.

Oil and Blending Information:
Steam-distilling the leaves and twigs produces a colorless or pale yellow oil with a lemony, citronella-like scent.

Strength: 3
Scent Group: citrus
Warnings: orally toxic; may cause skin irritation, dilute with a carrier.

Metaphysical Properties:
Eucalyptus is best known for its powers of purification. This applies to clearing negativity in general as well as healing emotions after a quarrel. It is also effective in releasing sorrow ( blue gum ), finding balance ( lemon ), and developing a sense of well-being. Apply this oil on an amulet to protect against emotional upsets during past-life work. Eucalyptus supports dream and psychic work as well as communication with spirits. It is instrumental for protection and for banishing anything unwanted from your life. When seeking one’s purpose in life ( blue gum ), eucalyptus provides strength and determination. Eucalyptus is also associated with energy, growth ( lemon ), and security.

Zodiac: Cancer, Pisces
Solar System: Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Sun Elements : air, earth, water