Herbs – Frankincense

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While olibanum was the name used by ancient Romans, the name frankincense dates to tenth-century French, meaning “high-quality incense.” Commonly burned in temples, frankincense was believed to deepen the spiritual experience and open the way to enlightenment. Egyptians offered it to the gods while the Romans used it for both religious and secular ceremonies. Since ancient times it has been used in medicines and cosmetics. Originating in the Red Sea region, this small, shrubby tree has dense foliage and white or pale pink flowers.

Oil and Blending Information:
The oleoresin is steam-distilled, producing a pale yellow or greenish oil with a rich resinous, woody scent.

Strength : 3
Scent Group : resinous

Metaphysical Properties:
Uses Frankincense has a long tradition and connection with spirituality, inspiration, knowledge, and strength. This oil is instrumental for astral, dream, and psychic work as well as divination and reaching higher levels of awareness. It helps to focus energy and enhance concentration for magic work. Use frankincense to create sacred space and to consecrate altar goods before ritual. As an aid for past-life work, it can break unwanted connections with the past that inhibit personal growth. It is instrumental for clairvoyance as well as communication with spirits. It is also effective for banishing negativity, providing psychic protection and power for any form of defense. Frankincense promotes healing that supports vitality and longevity. When seeking justice, this oil brings clarity, courage, release, and success. Use for attracting love and happiness into your life. Additionally, frankincense is associated with balance, comfort, control, renewal, and transformation.

Zodiac : Aquarius, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Solar System : Moon, Sun
Elements : air, fire, water
Celebration : Yule
Gods : Baal, Helios, Ra