Herbs – Gardenia

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Also known as: Gandharaj, Cape Jasmine

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Magical properties:  Love, Peace, Healing, Spirituality, Meditation, Attraction

* Place blossoms in sickrooms or on Healing Altars to aid the process
* Dried petals are added to Healing incenses and mixtures
* Dried Gardenia can be scattered around a room to induce peaceful vibrations
* Use in Moon incenses
* Attracts tranquil energy to any place or individual
* Increases positive vibrations for Witchcraft
* Wear the fresh Flower to invite love

Gardenia is a tiny magickal flower that packs a huge punch. These small white blossoms are said to symbolize love, devotion, purity, and spiritual connection. In the Victorian language of flowers they were representative of a secret love. If you were surprised by one of these on your door you knew a secret admirer had come to call. Magickally gardenias are said to be effective not only for love workings, but for protection and stress relief.

Gardenia is said to be sacred to the God Morpheus, bringing sweet dreams and transport to divine realms. This flower has a sweet and delightful scent that brings pleasure and romance to your spellcrafting. Its white color makes it a frequent addition to traditional wedding bouquets, where it represents divine purity. There are lots of uses for this plant and luckily it can be grown at home, indoors or out.

Botanically this little shrub is classified as Gardenia jasminoides, in the family of Rubiaceae. In the Southern U.S. gardenia can be grown outdoors, but they are tricky to cultivate. Make sure your plants temperature doesn’t drop below 60 degrees, if so try to bring it indoors. It prefers full sun and an acidic soil.