Herbs – Lavender

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True lavender comes from the Mediterranean region and has narrow, pale green leaves and violet-blue flowers. It was popular with the ancient Greeks and Romans for scenting soaps. Throughout Europe during the Middles Ages, it was associated with love and thought to be an aphrodisiac. In addition, it was believed that carrying lavender gave a person the ability to see ghosts. In Elizabethan England (1558–1603), it was a popular strewing herb as well as a scent for linen cupboards. Soapmaker William Yardley, of Yardley of London, knew a good thing when he saw it (or smelled it) and managed to get a monopoly on England’s lavender during the 1770s.

Oil and Blending Information:
A colorless to pale yellow oil is produced by steam-distilling the flower tops. It has a mellow, floral-herbaceous scent with balsamic-woody undertones.

Strength: 4
Scent Group: floral

Metaphysical Properties:
Magical Uses All three lavenders enhance awareness and intuition for dreamwork, clairvoyance, and all forms of psychic work. They also foster concentration for clarity and inspiration in divination, contact with spirits, and communication in general. Use these oils to stay grounded and stable when engaged in spellwork and elf magic.With well-known powers of purification, these oils are ideal for consecrating sacred space, releasing negativity, and providing protection. Associated with beauty and love, the lavenders promote fidelity and renewal in marriage as well as balance and peace in all types of relationships. Lavenders can assist in healing sexual issues when lust and desire cause emotional problems and sorrow. On the spiritual side of life, these oils provide strength and inspiration. Call on their powers of manifestation to attract prosperity, luck, and well-being to the home. The lavenders are also associated with courage, creativity, fertility, longevity, and secrets.

Zodiac : Aquarius, Gemini, Leo, Pisces, Virgo
Solar System : Mercury
Element : air
Celebrations : Litha, Midsummer’s Eve
Goddesses : Hecate, Vesta
God : Saturn