Herbs – Lemon

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Used medicinally throughout Europe for a wide range of complaints, lemons were considered a potent cure-all and became standard cargo on British naval ships, especially for preventing scurvy. In the seventeenth century, they were an ingredient in Carmelite water, an elixir produced by Carmelite nuns that was believed to promote health and longevity. Native to Asia and eastern India, this small tree has light green, toothed leaves and solitary white flowers tinged with pink. Lemon’s species name comes from the Arabic limun.

Oil and Blending Information:
Cold-pressing the entire fruit produces a pale, greenish-yellow oil with a light, fruity-citrus scent.

Strength : 5
Scent Group : citrus
Warnings for Topical Use:
may cause skin irritation or sensitization, dilute with a carrier.

Metaphysical Properties:
Lemon is instrumental in providing a clear perspective when preparing for divination as well as for dealing with everyday problems. By raising awareness, lemon increases psychic abilities and inspires movement to a higher spiritual plane. Use this oil for moon magic as well as to purify magic or ritual objects when they come into your life. With the ability to stimulate energy, lemon adds strength to and promotes success in spellwork. It is helpful for connecting and communicating with spirit guides as well as manifesting abundance, happiness, and well-being. Lemon is also associated with confidence and kindness.

Zodiac : Aquarius, Cancer, Gemini, Pisces
Solar System: Moon
Element : water