Herbs – Lilac

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Syringa vulgaris

Lilac will:
Remind you of the beauty of your
soul, Attract love, Banish negative spirits. Reminds you of the power of magic and a life
well lived.

The plant:
The only drawback to Lilacs is that
they bloom only for a few weeks each spring. They have a lovely fragrance that will fill your home. Allow yourself to fully enjoy them when they are in blossom because you will have to wait fifty more weeks to smell them again. Lilacs are a perennial bush that grows from eight to fifteen feet tall. The classic Lilac is a beautiful shade of purple. There are now more than five hundred varieties, and they vary in color from deep purple to white. There are even shades of red and pink. Lilac trees are very long lived, often living for more than a hundred years, so if you plant a bush, it will be there long after you have passed from this world.

Magical Properties:
Just standing downwind from a Lilac
bush in blossom will help you connect with the
beauty and wonder of divinity. To attract love and dispel negativity, wear a few
petals in an amulet. If you sprinkle some petals
around your property, they will chase negative
spirits from your home. If you’d like to deepen your meditations or your ability to love, burn dried Lilac flowers as incense.

Medicinal uses:
This plant has a history of
herbal use going back more than 3,500 years. It is considered one of the fifty fundamental herbs of Chinese medicine. The flower can be made into a tea to control coughs. The buds are an anticoagulant and antiseptic. They can also be used to treat constipation.