Herbs – Mango

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Mango fruit is nutritious and delicious.  It has lots of vitamin A, reduces bad cholesterol, and is said to help prevent some cancers.  The tree is sacred to Buddha and is said to be a good offering to any of the west African Orishas.  Mango is originally from India, but became well loved in Africa once it arrived.  Mango leaves have many magickal and medicinal benefits.  Both the fruit and leaves help to clean and strengthen the veins.  The leaves are especially useful in balancing the pancreas.

In magick, mango leaves are used for increasing harmony, balance, and a sense of contentment, especially in marriages.  The juice facilitates love and fertility.  This is because of the vitamin E and other beneficial compounds, as well as the energy of the plant itself.  The dried skin and twigs are used for protection, but must be handled with care because the sap causes a terrible burning rash, and is very difficult to rinse off before it has done some damage.