Herbs – Spearmint

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Botanical Name: Mentha spicata, syn. M. viridis

Also Known As: green mint, lamb mint, our lady’s mint, sage of Bethlehem

The species name of this herb comes from the Latin spicate, meaning “with spikes.”

Similar to its cousin peppermint, spearmint has tight whorls of pink or lilac-colored flowers atop spikes of bright green leaves. This plant originated in the Mediterranean region. In general, mints were considered aphrodisiacs by the Greeks, who also sprinkled spearmint leaves in bath water for restorative soaks. For certain festivals in ancient Rome, people wove the plants into garlands called Corona Veneris, crown of Venus. Spearmint was used by the Spanish as a strewing herb in places of worship while the Mayans used it to induce labor.

Oil and Blending Information: A pale yellow or olive-colored oil is produced by steam-distilling the flower tops. It has a spicy-herbaceous, minty scent.

Strength : 3

Scent Group : herbaceous

Perfume Note : top

Plant Part : As Above/Flowers

Magical Uses: Spearmint stimulates the mind, strengthening concentration and memory. Use it to purify ritual objects as well as to increase spiritual awareness. Its protective powers are especially useful for the home because it fosters security and a sense of trust. Spearmint is stimulating and especially useful in spells for attracting love, luck, and prosperity. This oil is an aid for increasing vitality, promoting healing, and encouraging growth. Spearmint is also associated with beauty, changes, clarity, and fertility.

Zodiac : Gemini, Libra

Solar System : Venus

Elements : air, water

Gods : Hades, Pluto

Goddesses : Demeter, Kupala, Venus