Herbs – Sweet Orange

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Originating in China, this tree resembles the bitter orange, but is slightly smaller. Sweet orange was introduced into Europe from the Middle East in the eighteenth century and was quickly adopted as an ingredient for mulling wine. It became a fashionable luxury for large estates to have an orangerie, a special greenhouse in which to grow citrus plants in cooler climates.

Oil and Blending Information:
The entire fruit is cold-pressed, producing an oil that is yellow-orange to dark orange. Its scent is a sweet, fresh-fruity citrus.

Strength : 3
Scent Group : citrus
Warning for Topical Use:
may cause skin irritation, dilute with carrier.

Metaphysical Properties:
Both bitter and sweet orange aid in self-awareness, stimulate creativity, and support those who follow a different drummer. These oils redirect energy into positive thinking and emotional clarity to build confidence and a sense of well-being. They are also helpful to manifest love, peace, and fidelity. Use them for pre-ritual purification and to provide focus for divination, dreamwork, and communication with spirits. The oranges can increase the success of spells for abundance, happiness, and money. They are also associated with fertility and strength.

Solar System : Sun
Zodiac : Leo, Sagittarius
Elements : fire, water
Goddesses : Fortuna, Gaia
God : Zeus