Herbs – Thyme

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Botanical Name: Thymus vulgaris
Family: Lamiaceae
Also Known As: common thyme, English thyme, sweet thyme, white thyme

This bushy Mediterranean herb grows about a foot high and has oval leaves and small, pink to lilac or bluish-purple flowers. The genus name may come from the Greek thymos, meaning “to perfume or fumigate,” or thymus, meaning “courage.” In Greece, thyme was used to make perfumes for homes and temples. It was burned on altars as offerings as well as to purify sacred spaces. According to myth, thyme sprang from the teardrops of Helen of Troy. Pliny recommended planting it near hives because it attracts bees and results in a special-flavored honey. Roman soldiers and medieval knights used it for courage and to increase vigor. Likewise, during the French Revolution it was worn by people on the barricades to bolster courage. In some parts of England, thyme was thought to be a favorite of fairies, and brushing a sprig of it across the eyes was thought to allow a person to see them.

Strength : 4
Scent Group : herbaceous
Warnings for Oral & Topical: avoid during pregnancy; may cause skin irritation; avoid with high blood pressure; use in moderation; may cause sensitization

Magical Uses
Although thyme is a very common herb, it is a powerhouse for magical purposes. Thyme is well known for its purification properties, making it ideal for preparing ritual space and consecrating altars. Use it to stimulate energy for divination and psychic work as well as any type of work involving the fairy realm. Also use it to clear negative energy in general, and to enhance awareness for clairvoyance. Thyme boosts strength and courage, and provides protection during contact with the Otherworld. Use this oil to increase the effectiveness of spells involving love, luck, and money. As a healer, thyme fosters personal growth and well-being. It also aids in dealing with sorrow and helps bring happiness to the home. This oil is also associated with confidence and renewal.

Zodiac : Aries, Capricorn, Libra, Taurus
Solar System : Venus
Elements : air, water
Celebration : Walpurgis