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While many people gravitate toward the wolf, panther or bear as their spirit animal, the fly can be a powerful spirit animal as well. This tiny creature holds a great deal of symbolism and can help you clarify your life’s purpose. The fly as a spirit animal or totem deserves your respect. People typically think of the fly as disgusting or dirty, but this insect is a survivor.

The Fly Spirit Animal

In nature, the fly plays an important role in the life cycle. It can survive in extremely harsh environments and still be able to breed. It helps transform decayed material into new life and plays a pivotal role in the environment. While people associate flies with trash and decayed material, these creatures are actually extremely important to life on earth.

If the fly is your spirit animal, it brings with it flexibility. It wants to help you adapt to a present situation so that you can prosper. Abundance is around the corner, so stay positive. You will be able to make the changes you want, but you have to be willing to adapt.

The fly is a sign that things around you are starting to change. If you greet these changes positively, they can help you achieve some type of rebirth or renewal in your life. You may not think that you need a change in your life, but it will benefit you in many ways. Be willing to accept these changes and adapt—you will be surprised by how much change can help improve your life.

The fly is also made to support you as you address current and past issues. The fly is known for being able to live in the harshest environments on earth. They transform waste matter into things of value. Even if you have dealt with a difficult situation or issue, this “waste matter” can be turned into something valuable and useful.

The fly is also a reminder that you should not limit yourself too much. Sometimes, you need to let yourself be spontaneous and start a new path in life. Decide on what your dreams are and do not give up on them. If you give up easily, you will never be able to achieve the things that you want out of life. Other people might talk behind your back or be negative about your goals, but you have to ignore them. At the end of each day, the main thing that matters is your opinion of yourself and your desire to continue striving toward your goals in life.

Fly Symbolism and Meaning

When the fly appears in your life as a spirit animal, it may be trying to warn you about something. There might be a danger hidden near you, or you may be doing something that is not fulfilling your goals. This may be because there is a destructive influence in your life, or you may not be using your time as well as you could be.

The fly’s goal is to help you find the things that are hurting your life. These could be things that you do or things that other people are causing to happen. The fly totem can also represent excuses, lies or rumors. It may also symbolize a cure for illness. The fly may represent malice, hate or blame in your life. The buzzing fly is a reminder that you have to listen to it if you want to do your best and root out the negative aspects of your life.

The fly can also mean encouragement. Its goal is to push you forward until you can achieve what you want out of life. It guides you with its presence and persistently bothers you until you finally give up and do what you need to in life. It will reproach you, pressure you and persuade you until you stop waiting around and starting achieving your dreams in life.

The fly can be a reminder that you get what you give. What you give to the world is returned to you many times over. If you send out bad vibes into the world, don’t be surprised if that is what you get back. If you send out goodness and love into the universe, you will also get goodness and love in return.

The fly can also be a symbol of prosperity and abundance. Even when you are in a harsh environment like the fly, you can triumph over adversity. Like the fly, you have to be determined and persistent during difficult times if you want to get what you need out of life.

Fly Symbolism A Message

The Positive Attributes of the Fly – The fly is a true survivor. It can adapt and transform in any situation. No matter what type of adversity the fly faces, it will just keep going until it gets what it wants. Unlike other spirit animals, the fly totem is also good at taking opportunities. It can take the bad in the universe and turn it into something good. Like the fly, you have to practice mindfulness to spot these opportunities. Take the fly as a reminder that life is short, and you can never know when it will end. The fly can represent growth and healing. Even when your life sees to work against you, you can become prosperous if you continue to persistently and consistently work toward your goals. Hope is always present if you keep your eyes alert to seeing it.

The Negative Attributes of the Fly – On the negative side, the fly is considered a spreader of disease and grime. It is often thought of as annoying because of its persistent buzzing. At times, the fly shows a tendency to be too selfish in reaching a goal. If you are too focused on just your own success, you can end up losing the right balance in your life and fail to reach your dreams. At the same time, the fly is a useful spirit animal when you feel like you lack the talent or ability to do what you want. Reach out to the fly when you encounter challenges in your life and need transformation. The fly is a reminder that you have the talents you need to reach your dreams. You just have to be as strong, adaptable and persistent as the fly is to go after what you want in life.