Magickal Beings – Ahura

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The Shining Ones

Origin: Iran (Persia)

The Ahuras are a class of spirits, first venerated by the Magi. In the context of Zoroastrianism, the Ahuras are spirits of goodness, righteousness, and benevolence, in opposition to the Daevas, another class of spirit. Their king is Ahura Mazda. In a dualistic spiritual tradition (meaning that everything is understood in the context of an opposition—high versus low; cold versus hot; generous versus stingy; and so forth) the Ahuras are good, noble, benevolent spirits in contrast to the opposing Daevas. Some scholars theorize that Ahuras and Daevas were originally the same type of spirit; as the philosophy of dualism spread, the terms Ahura and Daeva were used to distinguish between benevolent and malevolent spirits. Alternatively, some think that the Daevas are an older pantheon eventually suppressed and demonized by devotees of the Ahuras. Ahura is etymologically related to Ashura and possibly to Aesir.