Magickal Compendium – Animal Totems – Wolf

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Wolf is most commonly looked upon as the Teacher, the Pathfinder and the Guardian. Wolf is intuitive, psychic, spiritual, loyal, and works for the greater good. By some tribes, Wolf is associated with the North direction on the Medicine Wheel and the color white. Wolf is also associated with the Throat Chakra. Wolf’s cycle of power is year round, at twilight and full moons. Wolf teaches us to know who we are, to develop strength, confidence, and surety. Wolf also teaches us to listen to and trust our inner thoughts and words, to verbalize our thoughts in a respectful and appropriate way, and to put the needs of the community/family above the needs of the self for the highest good. People with Wolf Totem are patient, loyal, intelligent, intuitive and wise; they are good communicators and creative problem solvers.

  • White Wolf is the spiritual teacher, helping us learn to bridge the spiritual and physical worlds, and to learn the underlying purpose of events and issues in our lives.
  • Brown Wolf is the teacher of health and healing, showing us to use the forces of nature with knowledge of medicine to maintain the balance between mind/body/spirit connections.
  • Gray Wolf is the teacher of hidden lessons, teaching us to look beyond so we can balance our path with information from our spiritual teachers and guides.
  • Red Wolf is the keeper of the earth and nature, teaching us how to communicate with our surroundings in physical or spiritual form.
  • Black Wolf is the teacher of the physical, helping us to bring balance into all aspects of our daily lives, and focus on how spiritual lessons and karmic experiences work together to help us evolve to the next spiritual level.

If Wolf appears to us, he is asking us to find a new path, take a journey, breathe new life into our own, take control of our life, share our knowledge, and take care of our community. Wolf wants us to ask ourselves questions like:

What makes me less confident? Do I trust my instincts, inner thoughts, and words? What is it about my relationships/family life that has me upset? What in my life needs to change? What is it I need? What do I lack and how can I change that? How can I develop strength and confidence? How can I express who I am?

The list of questions is limitless. Try to avoid asking questions that begin with “Why”; this can give an easy way out of a situation by placing blame or attributing the cause to someone or something else. Remember, all animal totems, including Wolf, are here to guide us to take responsibility and control over our own lives. We direct and create our own life.

Crystals that can help us ingrate the lessons Wolf teaches into our life are:

Lapis Lazuli
Blue Calcite