Magickal Compendium – Animals – Animal Totems – Turkey

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This Animal Totem is the Turkey – Community/Service, Earth/Feminine Energies, Gratitude/Abundance.

Turkey’s spirit puts emphasis on community and the importance of sharing. He is teaching you to pay attention to the people that are a part of your life, which range from family members to a single interaction with a stranger. He encourages you to see beyond your immediate personal needs and foster sustainable relationships with those in our circle. Turkey teaches you to be generous and giving without expecting anything in return. You act and react on behalf of others with a deep knowledge that all life is sacred. Recognize the Divine Spirit that resides in everyone. You know that what you do for others, you also do for yourself. He teaches you that in order for Spirit to fill your cup with greater gifts you first need to empty your cup. Through giving to others you will reach your goal.

Teachings of Turkey

Turkey is connected to the Earth and its blessings and because of this he also represents the feminine energies at work within your life. Turkey is teaching you the importance of your relationship to the land and nature as a source of nourishment. He is reminding you of the interconnectedness of your existence and your environment. He teaches you how to live in accordance of with the spirits of the land, to understand the seasons, the various ecosystems and cycles around you so that you can nourish yourself and nourish those around you. In order to receive the earth’s blessings you need to honor her. Gratitude and humility are called for. He is showing you to be grateful for what you already have instead of encouraging you to seek new forms of nourishment. He is a guide to unlocking the fullness of life. Learn to cultivate the balance between giving and receiving and find contentment in what you have.

Stones for Connecting with Turkey

Crystals to help remind you of Turkey’s medicine are:


Golden Tiger Eye

Earth/Feminine Energies:

Leopardskin Jasper


Tree Agate